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linkamppage.gif (1886 bytes) AMPAGE - Lots of circuit diagrams for popular valve amplifiers.
Auke Dost - Site with schematics for hi-fi stuff, lots of schematic links and technical articles.  (added 9/6/2001)
Australian Vintage Wireless Parts.  100,000 parts held in stock also 9,000 different circuit diagrams from 1929 to 1970. (added 30/1/2003).
Blue Guitar - Now hosted under AMPAGE, has a lot of schematics not available anywhere else.  (added 5/6/2000)
blinkdmz.gif (3524 bytes) Digital Music Zone - Jack Orman has stacks of schematics for effects units.  If you want to build effects, this site should be on your surfing list. (updated 13/7/98)
Fender Field Guide - this site is awesome, pretty much every Fender schematic is here.  (updated 2/10/99).
R.G. Keen has some circuit diagrams for popular effects such as the TS-9. If you ask nicely, you might also get an iron-on PCB design, or a ready made PCB...
Larry's World of Blues - this is an excellent site and has stacks of guitar amp schematics.  (updated 30/8/2000).
LXH2 contains circuit diagrams (solid state) that allow amplifier and speaker simulators to be made.
Mattijs de Vries has a page packed full of valve circuit diagrams mainly for hifi amps...
Matts Tube Extravaganza - Matt has a number of schematics available for amplifiers, and also quite a lot on tube testers.
Pat's Tube Schematics - Circuit diagrams of many valve amplifiers, has some handbooks for sale too.
piazza.gif (1740 bytes) Joe Piazza's Backstage - Plenty of stuff here for tube data sheets and guitar amp schematics.  (updated 26/10/02)
Russ Sadd home page - Russ has a small number of schematics on his very tidy site.
The Schematic Connection -  Features many hard to find schematics, although they're not online - you have to send off for them!  (added 21/12/99).
SDS Labs Schematic Underground - Valve amp circuit diagrams, mainly aimed at Hi-Fi applications.
blinkstellan.gif (3522 bytes) Stellans Schematic Archive - Effects schematics and other items for the homebrewer to build. (added 4/7/98)
Summit Amps - Carl Zwengels pages, with schematics and tech info for guitar amps.  (Added 30/7/98)
Sunn Musical Equipment Website.  An unofficial site, but packed with schematics for Sunn amplifiers.  Also includes a chat room and a classified ads sections.  (Added 12/8/01)
Traynor Amp Schematic Archive - A very detailed resource with stacks of schematics for these amplifiers.
University of Alberta Cookbook Archive - Large ftp site with lots of circuit diagrams to download - covers the whole Electronic Engineering spectrum, not just guitar stuff.
Vintage Radio and Audio Web Pages - Brian McAllister has quite a number of schematics for old radios, tuners and amps. (added 25/7/99).
blinkwall.gif (1928 bytes) Wall of Sound - An excellent site with lots of schematics for amplifiers and effects. (added 12/7/98)