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Here's some valve (tube) suppliers for you.  Note that the fellows marked with trade.gif (935 bytes) are trade wholesalers or manufacturers, and normally deal with large quantities or high value orders unless noted otherwise....

Alto Fidelity in London stock NOS tubes including Mullard, Brimar, Marconi, Osram.  The also buy/sell tube audio equipment.  (added 19/08/2000).
AES Antique Electronics Supply for all your component needs.  They also have rare parts for antique radio equipment - handy if you are a restorer...
Apollo Amplifiers, Burbank CA.  Tubes, transformers, reverb tanks, speakers and all sorts of other amp parts to make amps up with or repair existing ones.  Also supply pickups and strings.
Australian Vintage Wireless Parts.  100,000 parts held in stock also 9,000 different circuit diagrams from 1929 to 1970. (added 30/1/2003).
Bruno Ceccarelli based in Italy supplies a range of new production tubes and NOS items from famous name brands.  (added 14/2/99).
Chelmer Valve, one company that has dug me out of trouble more times than I care to admit to.  Plenty of NOS and rare tubes, along with their current production items.  (added 23/8/2000).
Colomor Colomor (Electronics) Ltd. have been advertising their large stock of valves (6,000 different types) for longer than I can remember!
Demostenes - Valves, transformers, and a massive range of valve bases - from Norway.   Carries quite a range of books too!  (updated 13/9/99).
ETOLS - Electronic Tubes Online Shopping.  Buy your tubes online, via the net!
Groove Tubes - Matched pairs/quads of output valves, and selected premium preamp valves.

HF-Component-Trading in Germany have a large list of European tubes for sale, and some US tubes too.  (Added.

Jim's Citation Amp and Vacuum Tube Page - The place to go for HK amp stuff, notably Jim also stocks a wide range of NOS tubes.  (added 14/2/2000).
KCA NOS Tubes - Mike Kropotkin offers a range of popular guitar amp valves in very desirable NOS form!  (Updated 29/1/2003).
NBS Lord Valve's web site - under construction, so keep an eye on it...
Losconi trade.gif (935 bytes)Losconi - the Austrian importers/exporters of Tesla/JJ tubes.  They have ceramic valve bases too, and although they are a wholesaler, will deal with quantities as small as 4 and take plastic, check out their page!
Micronetics - based in Geneva, Switzerland the following is from their web site: "Micronetics has been established for nearly 40 years, most of that time from its base in the Geneva Free - Zone. where it has been Master Stocking Distributor of Phlips,  Mullard,  Miniwatt, Valvo etc. and Eimac tubes.  Today Micronetics can still boast that it stocks over 700'000 tubes,  mainly of Philips production, as well as Telefunken, Siemens and GEC, etc.  In addition, to all premium American brands.  Micronetics also supplies Elektronska Industrija tubes dealing with this factory since the mid '70's.".  (Added 9/4/2001).
Penta Laboratories - based in the USA with distributors around the world.  Their product line covers broadcast, industrial, scientific, military, medial, high end audio and guitar amp tubes.  Penta's inventory of over 8000 stock lines is sourced from NOS and leading current manufacturers, and in excess of a million vacuum tubes.  Online prices and ordering too!  (Added 17/10/2001).
Ruby Ruby Tubes have an online catalogue, and supply cab covering, grill cloth and other amp parts in addition to valves.
Radio Service Club have a large inventory of US and European vacuum tubes for sale, based in the Netherlands, prices are conveniently in Dutch Guilders, Euros, and US Dollars.  Some of the tubes in their catalogue are "hard to find" items.  (Added 2/10/2001)
blinksas.gif (5161 bytes) SAS Audio Labs pride themselves on the quality of their components - well worth a look, especially for the high end audio buffs.  Added 2/6/99.
Sovtek trade.gif (935 bytes)Sovtek "The world's largest tube manufacturer... Used by FenderŪ, MarshallTM, Peavey, Mesa Boogie, Conrad-Johnson, Matchless, Audio Research, Convergent, Audio Note, VTL, and countless others."
STF Electronics supply vacuum tubes, components and AMP KITS!
trade.gif (935 bytes)Svetlana "is Russia's leading designer and manufacturer of power tubes. The company offers a line of well-engineered, carefully-constructed, rugged power grid and audio tubes for Broadcast, Industrial, Amateur Radio and Audio users".  They have a library of very neat data sheets on their site, and applications notes.
Triode Electronics Triode Electronics - Worldwide Service, Neighbourhood Prices since 1985. Tubes, components and lots of technical info. See the homebrew links for more detailed links to this invaluable site.
Tube World Tube World - massive stock of NOS tubes.  Check the page, they have stock levels and prices displayed on the web page...
Vacuum Tubes Inc Vacuum Tubes, Inc. for new, used, antique, and collectable types.
Valve and Tube Supplies located in the Isle of Wight, UK have an online catalogue and hot list. (updated 6/2/99).
Vintage Radio Page - "Purveyor and Collector of Vintage and Antique Radios/Radiograms, Service Data,Valves (Tubes), Components and Related Items, plus Full Restoration and Repairs Service on all types of valve equipment.".  Malcolm has lots of old valves/tubes....
VT52 - Jim de Kort's site has lots of stuff for amp builders, including projects, tube data, and tubes for sale.
Watford Valves - over 50000 types stocked, with online prices for their most popular tubes.  Premium matching services available, suited to the needs of discerning guitarists. (added 23/7/2000).
trade.gif (935 bytes)Western Electric - needs no introduction, the manufacturers of some of the most sought after vacuum tubes in the world.  New 10/10/98.