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DDS2250V - last updated 25/03/07 12:52:43


Full spec

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DDS-2250V: The all-tube stereo sledgehammer.

This is an all valve dual channel, dual master volume head.  It has an extra twist though, it has a proper stereo FX loop, and stereo speaker outputs.

Please note, this amp is not for sale.

Heres the brief spec.

2 x 50W RMS output, dual channel, dual master volume, stereo FX loop. Uses the Baxandall tone stack to give bass/treble boost and cut.

Preamp heaters DC fed from regulated 12V supply. Power amp drivers fed from a MOSFET regulator for low noise. 4 x independently adjustable bias supplies. Check out the Full Specification for more details.

 What does it sound like ?

This is always hard to describe (although there are some RealAudio samples - more later). Channel A will go from squeaky clean (I think the term is blackface tones), through crunchy tones, and into fairly hard distortion. Here's Telecaster Ace, Ian Cundy of Automatic Slim checking it out.

It's dynamic enough to let you go through these settings without altering the controls - simply by altering how hard you play the guitar. It doesn't support Extreme or EVH style rhythm playing in this form. However, flip the turbo switch for an extra 30dB of boost and it's bye bye tube screamer...

Channel B is for lead playing, and has been voiced specifically for lead. There are two gain controls which are linked to the master volume switching, so when master 1 is in, gain 1 is used and vice versa. The turbo switch also affects Channel B, and on high gain settings it is easy to get infinite sustain.

Check the sounds page if you want to know exactly what the amp sounds like. There is also a small gallery of pictures showing the amp out of it's case and the (ahem) construction....